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Judith Lea & Philip Elliott
authors of

"It Started With A Kiss in the magical land of Cornwall"

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Judith Lea and Philip Elliott are the co-author’s of “It started with a Kiss in the magical land of Cornwall”, their autobiographical first book. They currently reside in the historic market town of Congleton, Cheshire.


Judith has been an avid book reader all her life. She is a people watcher, listener and keeper of secrets, who would like to live in a utopian world full of kindness. Having worked within a financial environment most of her life, writing this autobiography has fed her soul. Her childhood dream was to become a rock star.


Philip’s reading preference is magazines and reference books, especially ones related to the Colin Chapman Lotus years, and aircraft of the First and Second World Wars. His secret love is the magnificent Merlin engine. He has written articles which have been published in the naturist press, and won first prize in one of their competitions.


They both love supporting young unsigned bands who play their own music and regularly attend gigs and festivals.

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Our Book
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It Started With A Kiss in the magical land of Cornwall

A true life book about two individuals who were both in committed relationships with other partners. It is a story of how they ended up in Cornwall, how they eventually met, manoeuvred their way through those relationships, fell in love and began a new life together.


The Puppet Master facilitated the coming together of the incongruous couple and surprisingly there was attraction. As their lives became more entwined, subliminally the chemistry that existed between them became all consuming. Neither were looking for a new relationship, but destiny had other ideas, and platonic meetings became trysts.


With a leap of faith the trysts blossomed into a new blended family living in a tiny two up, two down house. Sprinkle into the cauldron; two teenagers, four GSD’s (German Shepherd Dogs), naked adventures, death defying sailing, a brother with a secret, family availing themselves of free holidays, ostriches, helicopters, explosions at work, a film premiere, parties, fireworks, schizophrenia, drug addiction and a smidgen of Cornish history: two normal people living a normal life!


Told with humour, honesty and candour, Judith and Philip’s autobiography is jointly narrated, presenting two contrasting viewpoints and chronicles their story of destiny, love, heartbreak and relinquishment.

"A well written story of life which will take the reader through a whole range of emotions. Thought provoking, honest and and at times heartbreaking the authors come across as hard working, hard playing individuals who have lived and loved life. Can't wait for the next chapter".

Amazon 5 star review

"Really enjoyed reading this book, in fact I was sorry when it ended! Interestingly written, Judith & Philip are the two main characters each telling their life story as a couple. Hilarious and very sad in parts. Well worth a read.
Hoping there will be a sequel"

Amazon 5 star review.

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