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June 1st 2022: The results are in.


A reply email from the publisher is sitting in the inbox; we are reluctant to open it. Deep breath, fingers crossed, click on the open button. We silently read it together, then turn to each other and high five; they loved it. We re-read the email over and over again and open the Champagne.


Book Title

It Started With A Kiss in the magical land of Cornwall.


Philip Elliott & Judith Lea




The manuscript is a love story explored in autobiographical form from both sides of the relationship. The story starts in an unexpected way with the couple, Judith and Philip, already in committed relationships with other people. We follow the story of how Judith and Philip manoeuvred through these relationships and how they ended up in Cornwall where they would eventually meet and fall in love.

By presenting the reader with a wealth of exposition before the two protagonists meet, the reader feels encouraged to keep on reading to find out how they made their way to each other. The reader gets to hear both sides of the story which makes for an interesting read and the author’s personalities shine through the prose and increase the readers ability to connect to them.

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