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May 26th 2022 – The Scary OMG Moment

The manuscript has been re-written and re-edited many times, and we believe it has resulted in a sharp story that readers will find entertaining to read, and informative too. It is also revealing; Judith has written things that she has not been able to speak of, even to me and she is anxious that, as a person ‘who puts on a mask to the public’, within the book she has opened herself up to the world, but she insists the content stays – it is a huge part of who she is. Brave girl.

And so now we have reached that stage; it is time to give two years of hard work to a third party to review. Our chosen publisher is ‘Publishing Push’ and, one finger each, we jointly press the ‘enter’ button.

“That’s it, it’s too late now”, the manuscript has been sent to the publisher for review. Waiting for exam results, or someone to ‘like’ your post, is child’s play compared to the anxiety that sets in. The wait is almost unbearable.

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